Thursday, June 16, 2011


Sold 6/14/11

The spring quarter was not what I want it to be although I did finish strong with a 4.0 in my Information 4e systems class. That was the best part about this whole entire quarter of schooling. Really looking forward to my break. Designing new jewelry, beading a ton of lanyards. Preparing for a big Lot for a hospital gift shop. If a few sell along the way that is just ok buy me. Which I have managed to do this week.

 My goal for the week is to be able to list 20 items on yardsellr and 35 on eBay. I am sitting on 15 / 25 so I am almost there. Its important for me to write down almost every detail now days that I have to do or my goals. I find this to be a big part of getting to where I am going.

The deli is going good the sun has help bring all those hermits hiding during our rainy spring and early summer. So I am thankful. We expanded our menus by adding deli cold case items. We were also asked to create a menu for the mill guys during their work shifts and come feed them every night. A huge thing for us. This summer truly can be amazing if we can work it out to be.

Going to Arizona for my 30th birthday I am really looking forward to a break :) Today is all about networking Facebook fan count is now at 349 :) slow and steady. But now that school is done watch out here I come :) LOTS of things going on this summer :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Spring IS here PHEWWWW

 Taste of Simply so LINX.
What a quarter as you can see I have'nt written much because this quarter has not been the best with school. But Lets not make this a negative entry. SO ... Spring very soon to be Summer is here the day was fabulous at on my back deck and created a ton of Simply So LINX. My new one hooped 2 and 1/2 all the way to 1 1/2 inch hand beaded earrings.

Facebook has really made my online part of LINX to a whole new level. Recently I have really gotten into the whole concept of promoting. A whole new level of Social Networking. I have came up with a very good new Idea on expanding LINX.... <~~ Keep your eyes peeled Big things are coming. 

Tuesday is the start of that big day I will be taking on eBay client number 2 on 6/7/11 and taking her sell items over 400 pieces of body jewelry. I will be Listing and selling for this client until the jewelry is gone. 

****I would like to set a promise date to myself to have the jewelry sold by 6/28/11.****

Some inventory clear out :)

Shipping out week of 6 / 5/ 11

This week has been very productive and very creative just what I needed in my life at the moment I can not ask for anything better as far as weather and such. 75 is good for me. 

Oohhhhhhh My little brother is getting Married congrats Jil and James :) YAY!!! CONGRATS!

James and Jil

AND my Soon to be Niece Bailey Boo...
Bailey :)

Here's a few things that have been missed threw out this long quarter.
MS fund raising, We put a jar at our deli 
Hope of Japan necklaces!
  • Hope of Japan Benefit!! (was far by fun to raise that money for Izumi and Owen.)
  • LINX fanpage count is at 286 at the moment :) 
  • 4 contest give a ways <~~ so much fun.
  • Donated to My aunties Horse Ranch to help board Rose ( a new rescue) 
  • MS walk for my second yr as well what a great outcome we had reached our goal and went above what we raised the yr before!

Hope of Japan Charms