Monday, October 31, 2011

Treasury Lists on Etsy

In the last few weeks I have rode a wave of lists and increased my sales by 4 just this past week on Etsy. The treasury lists have always been just a calming relaxing and inspirational activity to do after a long day of homework and tests. 84 lists have been created in the past few days.

Facebook fan page album of treasuries 
Facebook Fan Page album of treasuries : You may follow the link provide to get to the lists from my Facebook Fan page. I hope you enjoy I am always adding to it. One of the main reasons why I am writing this blog is hope to inspire others to do lists and generate the your etsy views. Joining a few groups is a great way to enter treasury hunts meet more people and create a large amount of traffic in your store. Before you know it you will be selling almost everyday.

Have fun with it be creative speak with out words and find some amazing online goods that you can use everyday in your home.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Summers Social Networking

    I have been meaning to start the business aspect of my blog during the summer. But instead I decided to take a step back and refine my line into multiplies. I am preparing for a big giant step toward LINX while also still going to school full time. I am a month into school, and enrolled in the following ACCT 201 & CAT 140 & MATH 99 again. Well lets face it I am not one for numbers lets just hope math is gonna be good to me, lucky try number 2.

LINX fans Huge jump this summer thank you for all your networking and thanks to all the new friends!!
     As many of you know I have put a-lot into what I have been trying to socially achieve in the process of doing a-lot of good at the same time. You have no idea how much each transaction is important to me whether I buy, sell or even if its just a simple email back and forth between another small business. Thank you for being there for the growth of LINX Connecting for Cause. What a growth threw the summer with almost 2 full albums of sales.

     I am So excited to introduce the biggest part of LINX after graduation in 2012. I wanted to share with you a few steps along the way of this summers overall success.

INSPIRATION ~*~ Just every day I took time for myself spent it in the sun outside surrounded by the outdoors, family and friends deeply inspire my work.This was the 1st summer since my recovery in surgeries I was able to do so. As well had the summer off from school. Now that I am in school this fall, its a different story but during the fall I have been concentrating on now listing my summer and start of falls work.

LISTING ~*~ Some of you may know I am dabble into a little of every thing I was going to open a store as soon as I was done with my healing of my injury. I wanted to do a clothing store so I was donated a ton of clothes from friends I still take donations, I have sold several clothing items and fashion items on eBay threw the summer to liquid down my inventory to make room for Jewelry. I am still taking donations so local friends and family please think twice before you take your items second hand shops. I may know some people to possibly purchase or I could do for you. This is a new addition feature of LINX I have sold a few items or have made some connections to possibly benefit all of us. SO keep your eyes peeled for this marketing feature. Contracts are already written just waiting for a few more steps to go threw.

ETSY~*~ I have put alot of time and effort into ETSY lately, building a colorful Jewelry palette for the eye. I have tried to put my summer's inspiration whom mostly was people I was surrounded by this summer. Into my LINX web presence. I hope to run into some more local ETSY friends and users. It truly is a small world. If you are local and interested in a group there is one that meets and gathers in Port Townsend. So far 20 members and growing we discuss marketing strategy and recently this late summer did our 1st market show. All of us made our money back, that was the 1st time we met but we have our permits and ready to do another show. A great bunch of ladies and all different backgrounds and ages. Everyone is welcome. IF you don't have a store and or interested in starting KEEP your eyes peeled. For Tips and marketing strategies LINX will have to offer.

BUILDING THE STRUCTURE: I have invested a good amount of time this summer focusing on the means and name of LINX, I do understand that some may have a raised Eye brow on a name so long for a jewelry line. The meaning behind LINX, Connecting for Cause. Its my way to bring together a small community of local and afar business's to help blossom into their own goals. Connecting beyond just selling there is a-lot of angles and trust is one of those putting your time and trust into online selling and buying. In my case I connect threw art and fashion. Buy creating affordable and wearable pieces. I also made a pledge to purchase more online and from other vendors online to prove to myself that trusting online selling and working for myself if it would pay off on doing something I love to do, Create and I get the amazing pleasure of helping others and meet a-lot of new amazing people.

LICENSING: Is getting Licensed for a new angle to LINX. I am changing my whole life and taking a very large plunge into offering a service in a whole new light for starting a web presence for you and your store. Service contracts and details are all worked out. Just waiting on a few more steps. This will be mostly locally and state local while in school once this is final. OHHH I cant wait to let you all in on the secret. :)

IMPORTANT NOTE: all of the above is just a little bit of what I have been working on I thought it would nice to share with you all that do not know me on a personal level. The inside scope on LINX, Connecting for Cause has been in the works for nearly 4 yrs.

Sales for a few weeks of October Thanks to my Excel and Accounting class I am able to keep a great eye on my sales and product

Every sale and event is different this is a show of the Breast Cancer Awareness fundraising  threw the month of October 2011
GETTING TO THIS POINT: I highly recommend putting in some time and some investing in classes even if its just a excel class or a Intro to business class. I have been able to put what I love to do on line and expose myself and work to the world. I very thankful for all the business everyone has given to me weather its friends, family, online friends and other small business's THANK YOU for the help of LINX growth.

Next blog will be a reveal of my secret project and there are lots of goodies to this project. CANT wait to share! Thanks for reading I hope you enjoy.