Friday, April 1, 2011

My 1st entry for the yr before 30

     I don't know why I am calling it the yr before 30 but something in me told me to name this new chapter just that. My journey to where I am at at 29 has been a struggle. Living back at home in a small town no longer than a mile, and you don't see anyone out after 5 pm. Its quiet hard if you can believe it or not.

Just a quick over view of my past 4 yrs.

  • My dad dying
  •  Injured
  • Surgeries
  • Rehab (17 P.t's)
  • 3 Month rehab in another town.
  • 2 lawyers 
  • 2 case workers
  • A nurse case manager
  • Vocation manager
  • Loosing a Best friend
  • A break up 
  • A last but not least the new start of my life SCHOOL!!
    Peninsula College with a view of Hurricane Ridge.
    That's it Peninsula College. 
    The Best thing in my life at the moment. 
         I don't wanna drag out the past for that is not what I am writing about and journal-ling. So lets get on with the good stuff. Recently I am having a issue with my enrollment of my third quarter. But nothing a lawyer cant fix. Fall and Winter quarter were great learning and growing experiences. Each one I learned a great deal in. Fall quarter I conquered the fear of entering school again at the age of 29. 

    I did not dream of going to school at this age well at least not this late of a start. I tried really hard to get into school last spring of 2010 it just was not something that could be done. Something else about the 1st quarter, I learned alot about self dedication and if I wanted a better outcome of learning and the grades to match, I would have to try harder. The 2nd quarter I did just that. 

    I walked into the math lab looked at my new older instructor, with the hearing aides, I told him " you will see me in here every day at least a hour or more. I want to beat my 2.8. The struggles of math 72 with the hardest teacher I had had yet was a up and down roller coaster and a personal struggle to keep sane. 

    But in the end I kept that promise applied what I had observed  the quarter before, and conquered with a 3.6!!!!

    Learning to love math!

    Along with a 4.0 in Human Resources. A 3.5 in E Commerce.

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